One of the most revolutionary Photographs of the 20th century, the masterpiece is a three dimensional, painted photo-sculpture. It took the Artist 332 hours of work to create, so introducing the seminal concept of the epic photograph. Every square millimetre of this photograph has been created by the artist, the antithesis of the observational recording, prevalent at the time. Vastly ahead of the curve, the work predicts and predates the computer imagery of the Millennium era and challenges preconceived ideas about Photography and Art. Regarded by many as the magnum opus of Elliott's early 'Symphonies For The Camera', an original approach which would prove massively influential. Limited to 10 originals.

Total Number Of Originals: 10
Size Of Piece: 36 inch
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by Elliott

Currently Elliott's most expensive original